Project planning

Industrial planning and consulting, project planning and management consulting, conceptual design and planning, theme real estate, real estate development consulting and product planning

Project Consultation

preparation of project proposal、feasibility study、Energy saving evaluation、investment evaluation、investment analysis

Urban Planning

regulatory planning、detailed planning、urban design、rural planning、tourism planning

Architectural Design

scheme design 、preliminary design、construction drawing design、civil air defense project design

Landscape Design

urban landscape design、residential landscape design、tourist resort landscape design、landscape planning design

Interior Design

interior functional layout design、interior decoration design、interior space lighting design、interior sign system design

Special Structural Design

large span structure、super high-rise structure、special complex structure

Consultation for M&E Design

Water supply & drainage、 HVAC、 power supply & distribution、 intelligent building design

Consultation for Quantity Surveying

scheme estimation、budgetary estimation for design、budget and settlement of construction drawings

Green design

Green building planning consultation and design, energy saving and new energy application consultation and design


3D modeling、parametric architectural design of complex geometry、comprehensive 3D piping design

Lighting Design

facade lighting design、application of lighting technology

Curtain Wall Design

deepening design for stone curtain wall and glass curtain wall

Whole process engineering consultation

project planning,  conceptual design, feasibility study, investment estimation, whole professional engineerin design, project budget estimate, engineering bidding service, construction service, acceptance service

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